Cannes chronicles of «Parovoz» studio

Каннские хроники студии «Паровоз»

Cannes are conquired!

Cannes, 15 October 2017. «Heroes of Envell» is the first russian animation to receive World Premiere TV Screening in MIPJunior’s 25 years entitled New Creative Territories to Watch. The project was introduced by its creator, screenwriter and director Anton Lanshakov and CEO of Signal Media International Mikhail Kovalchuk. The premiere screening had a great success.

Heroes of Envell

MIPjunior in Cannes, October 2017, Heroes of Envell

Moreover, the animated series got the double-page spread in MIPCOM News Magazine bearing the headline «Russian Content Revolution»! «Heroes of Envell» were included in best projects for kids review under the heading «Friends for All the Times» at the international exhibition on the 14th and 15th of October. Some other projects of our studio were presented at the exhibition as well, particularly, the much-talked-of in Russia «Woodventures».