«Fantasy Patrol» is released in Sweden

«Fantasy Patrol» is released in Sweden

Sweden like our cartoons

Sweden Sveriges Television unites several TV channels of different genres such as Kunskapskanalen popular scientific channel, the SVT1 and SVT2 general subject channels, the SVT Play VOD platform, and the SVTB — Barnkanalen children’s TV channel, where our animated series will be broadcast.

The premiere of «Fantasy Patrol» animation series was held in May 2016 on Russian TV channels. Its television audience in Russia is estimated to be tens of millions viewers. The series became one of the main hits of 2016 on Youtube. At the end of March this year, Fairy Patrol got to the final round of the animation festival. That takes place in the prestigious International Festival of Animated Films in Annecy (France).

About Patrol

The series tell the story about the incredible, exciting adventures of four young fairies. Alyonka, Varya, Masha and Snezhka, and teaches friendship, faith in good and miracles. A mobile game was developed based on the series, where you can choose your fairy and play together with your friends. New cool adventures of heroines can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play.