MultAnima: an online platform for Russian author’s animation

In February 2021, the Russian Animated Film Association launched the project “A social platform for children and parents, uniting and popularizing the best works of Russian author’s animation for 30 years”.

The site is called MultAnima

Why did the author’s animation become the subject of such close attention? Author’s animation is a cultural heritage , along with visual, performing and other types of arts. Author’s cartoons introduce the viewer to a variety of artistic forms, encouraging him to creative activity.

Of all the types of cinema, short author’s animation represents Russia to the greatest extent on the international festival stage. Every year, lots of Russian cartoons take part and receive awards at prestigious international forums. All of them deserve to be seen and loved by as many viewers as possible.

The online platform of author’s animation will combine the best author’s cartoons for 30 years – in the period from 1990 to 2020, and this is 3000 cartoons, full information about which will be distributed in three large catalogs. Each catalog will be structured according to the author’s selections, technologies, age categories, studios and creators.

On the basis of the online platform, a news portal will be launched and an educational program will be held. The platform will become a platform for holding 10 thematic master classes and 20 meetings with directors of original animated films and will provide an opportunity for the widest audience to join this art form.

The project will combine the functions of a large-scale catalog, an online cinema, an educational platform, and an information and news resource.

The launch of the platform is planned for the end of 2021. This will allow the author’s animation to expand the audience in Russia and abroad, as well as become an effective and modern alternative to the traditional festival format, will lead to an increase in interest in the art of animation, which, in turn, will increase the prestige of animation professions, increase the influx of young people into them and will contribute to the development of animation art.

The project “Social platform for children and parents, uniting and popularizing the best works of Russian author’s animation for 30 years” is implemented using a Grant from the President of the Russian Federation, provided by the Presidential Grants Fund

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