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Myshkin town awarded the animated series Fantasy Patrol the Golden Mouse prize! This is the main award of the town for special contribution to its prosperity, and also to literature, music, theatre, cinema, and other art forms related to Myshkin!

The prize was given to Anastasiya Chernova, the producer of the animated series.



Myshkin is quite fast developing in the field of tourism. The flow of tourists in 2017 reached 195000 of people, 275 motor ships and 1600 buses visited the town. Meanwhile, the town has only 5700 residents. Thus, It is more than 30 tourists for 1 resident. The Mouse festival is one of the key events of the year, and this day the town becomes even more attractive for tourists!


It is here, in Myshkin town, the action of the Fantasy Patrol animated series takes place. The series is produced by Parovoz studio and adapted by Digital Television for international screening.

The premiere took place on Russian TV channels MOOLT, ANI, and Tlum HD in May 2016. Its TV audience has a total of tens millions of people. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of 2016 on Youtube.

Today the series is translated into 10 languages and keeps winning hearts of audience in Europe and Asia.

Publishing house Interactive Moolt released three games for IOS and Android based on story of fairies.

In 2017, Fantasy Patrol has reached the final of contest at Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France. It received Russian national animation prize Ikar for winning in Startup nomination. The series was chosen to participate in Shanghai International TV Festival. It was rewarded with a prestigious prize CYBER SOUSA at Xiamen International Animation Film Festival in China.

In 2018, Fantasy Patrol won four Multimir prizes: as the best series in jury’s opinion, for the best female character (Snowy) in audience’s opinion, for the best song (Believe in Yourself), and for the toy of the year (dolls by Gulliver company).

And now — the Golden Mouse prize! Parovoz animation studio expresses appreciation and love to the town of Myshkin!

Fairies, let’s do it!

Fantasy Patrol animated series has become the leader of tv viewing in Sweden!

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On June 12, the Fantasy Patrol animated series was premiered on one of the most popular kid’s channels in Sweden — SVT Barnkanalen. It was a great success — Fantasy Patrol attracted the biggest audience the channel ever had and became one of the most popular events of June!

Sweden viewers fell in love with fairy friends and mysterious Myshkin town from the first episode. According to media measurements of Mediamätning i Skandinavien company, each episode of Fantasy Patrol gathered the largest audience ever and became the leader of TV viewing in Sweden. The channel has already shown four episodes of the animated series. Fantasy Patrol is aired in the morning summer slots (traditional time for animation premieres) and is repeated in the evening prime time.



The first episode shown in the evening prime time gathered the share of viewers in 8,9% and became the leader with 1,3% rating among the whole audience over 3 years of age. Fantasy Patrol, thus, proves to be the most popular show on Swedish kids & family channels such as Disney, Cartoon Network Nordic, Nickelodeon, Disney XD, Nick Jr, NickToons, Cartoon Network Sweden.
The second episode of the Russian animated series aired in the morning was watched by every fifth TV viewer representing the highest share ever — 22,6% and 1,3% rating (all viewers were over 3 years). Fantasy Patrol again became the most popular show of the day on STV Barnkanalen and on all other kids channels as well.

Children’s audience in Sweden showed an incredible percentage watching Fantasy Patrol! The morning premiere of the second episode gathered so much viewers from 3 to 14 years old that rating became 7,3%, and its share — 85,3%! Almost 9 from 10 young viewers opted for the Russian series.

Such high ratings made Fantasy Patrol one of the most popular show of SVT Barnkanalen in June. The morning air of the fourth episode with share 18,1% and rating 1,6% came in third that day and entered the top five of the channel’s shows in June.

The managers of SVT Barnkanalen do not conceal their joy and assure that success of the Russian animated series was quite predictable.

«We fell in love with Fantasy Patrol and adventures of the brave girls, friends helping each other in everything!»

— tells Helena Nylander, programme director at SVT Barnkanalen.

«The professionals managing Barnkanalen know how to choose the best projects which could attract a big audience. This is why Barnkanalen remains a number one channel for children in Sweden. We are happy the Russian series Fantasy Patrol became very popular from the first episode and leads on the TV market of Sweden»

— comments Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of Signal Media, which is the exclusive distributor of Digital Television’s projects outside Russia.

«The overseas success of the cartoon Fantasy Patrol opens for us a new market of licensed goods for kids. We actively negotiate with international distributors and plan to please fans of the series with toys in Sweden and other countries»

— says Alexander Sablukov, CEO of 0+ Media company.

The animated series Fantasy Patrol was created by Parovoz animation studio by request of Digital Television group and adapted for international sales by 0+ Media company.


The premiere of «Fantasy Patrol» animation series was held in May 2016 on Russian TV channels. Its television audience in Russia is estimated to be tens of millions of viewers. The series became one of the main hits of 2016 on Youtube.

At the end of March this year, Fantasy Patrol got to the final round of the animation festival. That takes place in the prestigious International Festival of Animated Films in Annecy (France).

In November of the same year, the series received a prestigious prize CYBER SOUSA at Xiamen International Animation Film Festival in China.

In 2018, Fantasy Patrol won a Multimir prize as the best animation series in jury’s opinion.


The series tell the story about the incredible, exciting adventures of four young fairies. Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy, and teaches friendship, faith in good and miracles. A mobile game was developed based on the series, where you can choose your fairy and play together with your friends. New cool adventures of heroines can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play.

Studio Parovoz is a triumphant winner of Multimir award 2018

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On 30 May, in the first day of Multimir festival, the winners of Russian industrial award in animation and licensing Multimir were announced during the ceremony that took place at 75 pavilion of VDNH. The winners were determined by results of the open voting on the festival’s site and upon the decision of the professional jury — experts in children’s television, animation, and representatives of children’s goods industry.


This time, the representatives of Parovoz studio walked up to the podium more often than other nominees. We got the star statuettes for Fantasy Patrol project as the best series in jury’s opinion, for Littlefox from Be-Be-Bears and Snowy from Fantasy Patrol as the best female characters in jury’s and audience’s opinion, and for the song Believe in Yourself from Fantasy Patrol upon the jury’s decision.The Fantasy Patrol dolls also were called the toy of the year. They are produced by Gulliver company under licence from 0+Media company.


Multimir award is organised by VGTRK holding, Digital Television company, Russian Animated Film Association, and 0+Media company to stimulate the professional growth in Russian animation and children’s industry and to increase the share of children’s goods produced under the animation licences in Russian market.

First Family Interactive Cinema Moolt VR is Created in Russia

First VR Cinema in Russia

In the beginning of 2018 Parovoz Animation Studio, Interactive Moolt and Digital Television company will launch the first family VR cinema Moolt VR with game and interactive options.

Location From "Heroes of Envell" Animated Series

Location From “Heroes of Envell” Animated Series

Moolt VR is application for smartphones that support VR glasses. It combines favorite activities of families with children: playing, cartoons watching, going into the cartoons atmosphere, communicating with animation characters as well as visiting cinema. Before watching users can choose location from cartoon where the VR session will take place and animation characters that will accompany them at cinema.

Content Inside Moolt VR App

Some locations have been already created on the basis of animated series of its own production: Be-be-bears for the little ones and Fantasy Patrol and Heroes of Envell for an older audience. The app creators plan to agree with right holders on cartoons produced by other animation studios and to create new locations with favorite characters on their basis.

Interface for Choosing Characters and Locations

Interface for Choosing Characters and Locations

11 animated series are available on the first stage in Moolt VR: Leo and Tig, Be-be-bears, Fantasy Patrol, Woodventures, Heroes of Envell, Cutie Cubies, F.A.S.T., Paper Tales, Tima and TomaRolando Locomotov, Magic Lantern. Users will also be able to watch releases of new animation projects in the app. Some of the animated series, for example, Heroes of Envell, will be available in 3D stereo for the first time in Russia and in the world. 3D cartoons are created specially for the app.

Most of Moolt VR possibilities haven’t been used in mobile VR apps before that’s why this application is unique.

Location From "Fantasy Patrol" and "Be-be-bears"

Location From “Fantasy Patrol” and “Be-be-bears”

Moolt VR Will be Launched in the Beginning of 2018 All Around the World

Moolt VR is released in three languages – Russian, English and Spanish. The app will be released in Russia simultaneously with other countries: the USA, Spain, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America countries.

It will be possible to install Moolt VR app on Samsung smartphones that support Gear VR. One can also download it in Oculus store for the same name headset.

Moolt VR – is the second app involving virtual reality technologies developed by Digital Television company and Parovoz Animation Studio. In February Interactive Moolt studio released Magic Lantern VR project – the game for VR devices based on the same name animated series. Russian VR game is available for every user of Steam – global game service that totals hundreds of millions of players all around the world.

The Fantasy Patrol Universe

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Everything Real is Magic: the Way Fantasy Patrol Universe Grows

In August 2017 tens of millions of Fantasy Patrol universe fans became very agitated by the news that CEO of Parovoz Studio Anton Smetankin told on Mayak radio. The studio began production of Fantasy Patrol based full-length version called The True Story of Koschei. The premiere is planned for 2020.

The True Story of Koschei

The action takes place in the Fantasy Patrol Universe, that turns to be much wider than the city of Myshkin. Many new characters appear, still there are some well-known characters, including our well-known girls-wizards. We can see events of the distant past and the legend about the ancient prophecy gets real again. The focus is on the love story. One crucial meeting leads to a brave voyage. The heroes must pass through many difficulties to find themselves and each other.

History of the Animated Series

The series tell about incredible and exciting adventures of four young sorceresses – Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy. It teaches about friendship, belief in good and miracles. The Fantasy Patrol was released on Russian channels MOOLT, ANI and Tlum HD in May 2016. Its viewership in Russia totals tens of millions of people. The cartoon has become one of the main hits of 2016 at Youtube service. Today the series are translated into 10 languages and keep winning hearts of foreign TV viewers in Europe and Asia.


Books by Oleg Roy

Top Russian author and scriptwriter Oleg Roy created a book series based on the cartoon: «Beware of Domovoy», «Ice Cream Is Never Enough», «Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…», «Secret Diary of the Fantasy Patrol Agent». Plots of the books are unique and do not repeat the animated series events. Thus cartoon fans will be able to enjoy more girls adventures. The books are available at EKSMO publishing house.

Mobile Games

Two games based on Fantasy Patrol for IOS and Android were released and the third one is about to appear.

Game creator – Moolt Interactive – notes that Fantasy Patrol game might be the only project for teenagers in Russia with the open world structure. The gamer can play for any of sorceresses and move freely around the game’s world to perform various tasks. For less than a year the game was downloaded more than one and a half million times all over the world.


Wonderful dolls-heroines from Fantasy Patrol made by manufacturer and distributor Gulliver Company appeared in Russian stores. They are presented in two collections: casual and magic.


In 2017 all-Russian casting was being held for the new band that based on images of Fantasy Patrol universe main characters. The characters brought the idea themselves – they often sing, dance and demonstrate their acting talents.

A Year and a Half

Precisely this time ago the first episode of Fantasy Patrol was released. Today this fairy world keeps growing and taking new forms, it makes happy its old fans and wins the new ones.

“Fantasy Patrol” won prestigious international award Cyber Sousa

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Cyber Sousa in China

The winners of the prestigious international animation award Cyber Sousa were announced in China.Our animated series “Fantasy Patrol” got “Silver Award” in the “Best Overseas Animated Series category”. International jury has appreciated originality of the animated series idea about four young enchanters and high quality of 3D animation.

This is a second consecutive year in China that animation projects of “Parovoz Studio” requested by “Digital TV Company” were declared the best. In 2016 cartoon series “Paper Tales” were given the Syber Sousa gold statuette by a competent jury.

Chinese city Xiamen annually hosts Xiamen International Animation Festival. Its basic goals are promotion and progress of animation industry, comics and video games, setting up international communication in this area as well. Best cartoons from different countries are rewarded with Cyber Sousa Prize in the context of the animation festival.

Fantasy Patrol Dolls by Gulliver

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Snowy Breaks Records

High-quality dolls of main characters from Fantasy Patrol animated series hit the market on 15th of October. Helena, Snowy, Mary and Valery are presented in two collections — in casual with the everyday look and in magic — in their fairy appearance with magical clothes and accessories.

Where to buy dolls?

One can buy Fantasy Patrol dolls through the producer — Gulliver Company. Also the toys are already available at Detskiy Mir, national network of children stores.
Gulliver Company reaffirms its leading player status at kids fashion industry market year after year. The company gained not only the partners and consumers confidence but the well-earned respect of fashion industry professionals, having won some independent awards in the course of its activity. The retail chain has more than 175 brand stores in more than 100 cities of Russia, CIS and Europe.

«Fantasy Patrol» is released in Sweden

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Sweden like our cartoons

Sweden Sveriges Television unites several TV channels of different genres such as Kunskapskanalen popular scientific channel, the SVT1 and SVT2 general subject channels, the SVT Play VOD platform, and the SVTB — Barnkanalen children’s TV channel, where our animated series will be broadcast.

The premiere of «Fantasy Patrol» animation series was held in May 2016 on Russian TV channels. Its television audience in Russia is estimated to be tens of millions viewers. The series became one of the main hits of 2016 on Youtube. At the end of March this year, Fairy Patrol got to the final round of the animation festival. That takes place in the prestigious International Festival of Animated Films in Annecy (France).

About Patrol

The series tell the story about the incredible, exciting adventures of four young fairies. Alyonka, Varya, Masha and Snezhka, and teaches friendship, faith in good and miracles. A mobile game was developed based on the series, where you can choose your fairy and play together with your friends. New cool adventures of heroines can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play.